7 Types of Logo Design and Tips to Use for Brand Recognition

    by | Jun 24, 2024

    Imagine you’re starting a new company or business venture. Your logo design is like your brand’s signature, the stamp of recognition that people will identify with your company. The question that often arises is, “How do I come up with a logo that effectively represents my company?” If you’re feeling a bit lost in the 7 types of logo design, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

    In this blog, we’ll explore 7 types of logo design that can help you create an impressive, creative, and unique logo for your brand.

    Why do you need a Logo for your Business?

    In simple language, “Logo is a symbol or small design adopted by an organization or firm for the identification of their products. Having a catchy and eye-pleasing logo is a must for every brand or organization. Now, suppose you are going to start any company or business arrangement. Then you must need a logo for it.

    what is logo design

    Else no one would be able to recognize your firm. A logo gives recognition and identification to your company. So, the next question that arises is how you will think of an apt logo design that would prove to be helpful in completely explaining the workings of your company in every aspect. Got trapped? Is it a difficult task for you to think of an ample logo?

     If so, then you need not worry because here’s the fire brigade for your rescue. In this blog, you will find 7 types of logo design that will help you to make your brand more impressive and authentic.

    What are the 7 Types of Logo Design with Examples?

    Now, you must have understood, why a logo for business is crucial and give an idea to your audience about “Who you are.” Let’s have an idea about 7 types of logo design that can help you to a great extent in deciding to design an impressive, creative, and unique logo for your business.

    1. Monogram

    Monogram logos are a type of logo in graphic design that consists of letters, usually brand initials. They’re like the high-fashion of the logo world, creating a unique and stylish identity.

    Look for the logo of IBM and HBO for a clear idea of monograms.

    Monogram-7 types of logo design

    When to use?

    Simplicity with Sophistication: Monograms are the epitome of minimalism. They distill a brand’s identity to its most basic form, creating an air of sophistication and elegance.

    Long Brand Names: When a brand has a long or complex name, a monogram can be a practical solution. It simplifies the visual identity and is often more memorable. Examples include Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

    Historical Significance: Monograms often carry a sense of heritage and tradition, making them ideal for brands with a rich history.

    High-End and Luxury: Monograms are often associated with luxury and high-end brands. They create a sense of exclusivity and premium quality.

    2. Wordmark

    Similar to a monogram, Wordmark logos are a font-based logo focused on the business name.

    Examples of this type are logo in graphic design of Google and FedEx.

    Wordmark-types of logo in graphic design

    When to use?

    When Your Brand Name Needs an Extra Twist: If your brand name is quite common or lacks uniqueness, it can add that extra zing. Disney and Sony use logotype logos to make their names stand out.

    To Emphasize Your Brand’s Personality: These types of logo design often come with a unique font that can express your brand’s character and style. It’s like wearing your personality on your sleeve.

    When you want Flexibility: These logos can be used with or without additional graphic elements. This flexibility is handy for branding across various platforms and materials.

    3. Symbol

    An icon/graphic-based logo around the first thing that comes to mind when you say the business name.

    The logo of Apple and Instagram falls under this category.

    Symbol-types of logo in graphic design

    When to use?

    When Less Is More: Symbol logos are all about simplicity. They distill a brand’s essence into a single, memorable image. It’s like telling an entire story with just a few brushstrokes.

    Universal Recognition: Iconic symbols are often instantly recognizable, transcending language and cultural barriers.

    A Visual Stamp: Symbol logos create a strong visual identity for your brand. They’re like a signature mark that people associate with your products and services.

    For Versatility: Symbol logos can be incredibly versatile. They can be used on their own or in combination with a wordmark or logotype. This flexibility is handy for different branding scenarios.

    4. Abstract marks

    The other 7 type of logo design is the symbol logo. It’s an abstract geometric mark that represents your business, but not literally. Like the logo of Adidas, bp, etc.

    Abstract marks- 7 types of logo designl

    When to use?

    Simplicity and Versatility: Abstract logos simplify complex ideas into a minimalistic form. They’re versatile and can adapt to various contexts without losing their identity.

    Uniqueness: Abstract logos are a canvas for creativity. They stand out in a world of literal representations, allowing your brand to express its unique personality and style.

    Memorability: The intrigue and complexity of abstract logos make them memorable. People often remember and connect with these logos more deeply as they engage the imagination.

    Global Appeal: Abstract logos transcend language and cultural barriers, making them universally recognizable, which is crucial for brands with a global reach.

    5. Mascots

    Logo that involves an illustrated, animated character.  Think of them as the animated ambassadors of the logo world, bringing a touch of personality and fun.

    For example – the logo of KFC and Pringles.

    types of logo in graphic design- Mascots

    When to use?

    Personality and Brand Storytelling: Mascots infuse your brand with personality. They’re like characters in a story, helping to narrate your brand’s journey, values, and mission.

    Appealing to a Specific Audience: Mascots often target specific demographics, especially children. They create a memorable and endearing connection with the audience.

    Brand Consistency: Mascots provide consistency in branding, ensuring that your character is associated with your brand. They can be used across various marketing materials, from packaging to commercials.

    Nostalgia and Trust: Mascots can evoke nostalgia and a sense of trust. Familiar mascots can remind customers of their childhood or positive experiences with the brand, creating a bond.

    6. Combination Mark

    Combination mark logos are like the dynamic duos of the branding world, marrying the power of a wordmark or lettermark with an iconic symbol or image. They offer a balanced approach to branding, combining the best of both worlds.

    Burger King and Adobe are the few examples of combination mark types of logo.

    7 types of logo design- Combination Marks

    When to use?

    Versatility and Recognition: Combination marks are versatile, working well in various contexts and mediums. The combination of a distinctive symbol and brand name ensures that your logo is recognizable, whether it’s displayed with or without the accompanying text.

    Brand Storytelling: With both text and imagery, combination marks can tell a comprehensive brand story. The symbol can convey a visual message, while the text reinforces the brand name.

    Adaptability: These logos allow for adaptation over time. You can choose to emphasize the symbol or the text more, depending on your branding needs. It’s a flexible choice.

    Strengthened Identity: By combining a unique symbol with the brand name, you create a stronger brand identity. People associate both the symbol and the name with your products and services, boosting recognition.

    7. Emblem

    An emblem logo is designed to fit the text inside of a symbol or icon. They are like the perfect puzzle pieces, where text and imagery come together as one. The famous Starbucks logo and Warner Bros. logo are examples that fall under this category.

    types of logo in graphic design- Emblem

    When to use?

    A Sense of Heritage: Emblem logos often evoke a sense of tradition and history. They can make your brand feel established and reputable.

    Formal and Professional: Emblems have a formal and professional appearance, making them suitable for businesses that want to convey a serious and distinguished image.

    Combining Elements: They seamlessly combine text and imagery, creating a cohesive and balanced logo that’s instantly recognizable.

    Uniformity: Emblems offer a consistent and unchanging visual identity. The emblem, once established, becomes an enduring symbol of your brand.

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    There’s More Types of Logo in Graphic Design No One Has Told You About!

    Dynamic Marks

    The next 7 types of logo design are a departure from static, unchanging symbols. They evolve, adapt, and respond to different contexts, conveying a sense of movement and change. These logos reflect a brand’s flexibility and modernity, making them ideal for businesses in ever-evolving industries or those with multifaceted offerings.

    Examples- MTV, Hilary Clinton, Nickelodeon

    Gaming Logo

    A gaming logo is a visual emblem that represents a gamer, streamer, or gaming team. It’s designed to encapsulate the gamer’s persona, style, or team identity. This types of logo in graphic design often feature gaming elements, avatars, or customized typography, creating a unique and recognizable brand mark for the gaming world.

    In addition, the free fire logo which is the trendiest logo design today is the one with an aggressive look and feel that mirrors the thrilling action and competition that players experience in the game.

    Examples- Garena Free Fire developed by 111 dots Studio and published by Garena, Counter-Strike, Super Mario Bros

    These 7 types of logo design offer a variety of creative options for you to consider. When crafting your logo, or asking an expert graphic designer think about the unique qualities of your brand and the message you want to convey. Your logo is a visual ambassador for your business, and it should leave a lasting impression on your audience.

    Wrapping Up!

    Remember, a well-designed logo is not just a picture; it’s a representation of your brand’s identity, values, and purpose. It’s the symbol that people will recognize, associate with, and trust.

    So, take your time, explore these different 7 types of logo design, and give us chance to craft a masterpiece that tells your brand’s story in a visually captivating way.

    The type of logo in graphic design is a key element of your brand’s identity, and it’s worth the effort to make it truly exceptional. Connect with us now for the best logo-designing services!

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