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    by | Feb 12, 2021

    We live in a changed and a more digitally evolved world after the corona pandemic. Customers don’t want to shop in retail commerce stores physically and wait in ques anymore. They prefer sitting in the comfort of their own homes and ordering products from e-commerce websites. 

    A lot of small- and large-scale offline businesses have chosen to take the brand online and sell through an e-commerce portal to generate more revenue and increase their consumer base rapidly. 

    Our client had a well-established business based out of the fashion industry and dealt with luxury brands and high street brands. Their retail commerce stores were spread across US, Canada and India. 

    The Expert Community-TEC assisted them to set up their very first E-commerce solution and upgrade their social media channels. We assisted them in gaining sales lead from instagram by focusing ad groups on millenials.The client’s conversion rate was increased to more than 60% just after 3 months.  


    After the sudden shift in customers behavior and preferences after the corona pandemic, our client faced huge losses in terms of walk-in customers and sales. This was due to the lack of an interactive website, e-commerce store, social media presence and a great marketing strategy. They relied on word of mouth and were bound to a small radius around their retail commerce stores. 


    The Expert Community helped the client to expand into digital commerce via open source e-commerce platform. After meticulous planning and research about the clients workflow, pain points and challenges TEC was able to design a highly customized e-commerce site. 

    The e-commerce portal was designed keeping in mind that the client can later integrate third party applications to it without any hassle and external help. 

    A cluster of special features were integrated to the e-commerce website that allowed it to record each session, show heat maps , interactions with forms and take feedback from existing and prospective customers.  

    All their prior data was uploaded to a CRM software that was integrated to their e-commerce store.This made launching and tracking marketing campaigns easier and hassle free.  

    Predictive analytics is one of the special features that was integrated to their e-commerce site that helps their marketing team to create content depending on the past behaviour of their customers, once they have been segmented.  

    Digital presence over social media channels like Instagram and Facebook were created to increase their customer base and increase brand familiarity. This helped them to get orders from customers which were unaware about the e-commerce store and gain more positive reach. 

    Which is the best platform for E-commerce?

    These electronic commerce stores or sites can be set up using open code or SaaS ecommerce platforms. It depends a lot on the client’s budget and needs. Open source is better for startups and new businesses because it’s free and cheap whereas SaaS offers better features and security.

    SaaS platforms are easier to use but can’t be subjected to unlicensed modifications. They are considered better because they are specifically designed for e- commerce unlike open-source platforms. Examples of SaaS platforms are Shopify, BigCommerce, CoreDNA, etc.

    Open-Source code e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Magento’s, Joomlas and Community Edition are used worldwide to make highly customized online stores that are free of cost but there is a scope for security breach.

    The Expert community assisted our client in building their e-commerce store using WordPress as it was well suited for our clients’ needs. The electronic store was highly customizable and even allowed them to install third party applications which wasn’t possible in SaaS platforms. 

    How to reverse engineer your competitors seo?

    It is very important to know who your competitors are in the industry and to check competitors website traffic. Competitor e-commerce sites will help you decide what to implement on your e commerce website and what not to.

    Reverse engineering a website can be easily achieved by tools like Semrush, SpyFu and Similar Web.These tools are free to use and very easy too. 

    TEC helped them to reverse engineer their competitors websites and assisted them in designing a unique SEO strategy, navigation patterns, checkout page and finding the best payment method  by combining the data mined from reverse engineering other e-commerce sites that work for them.

    Let us help you set up your e-commerce store and grow more. Get your quote now

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