The Digital Revolution Of Media and Entertainment Marketing

    The Digital Revolution Of Media and Entertainment Marketing

    Amidst the digital revolution, a lot of industries have been affected around the world. The media and entertainment industry is the most affected and has transformed exponentially with new-age entertainment and media marketing.

    Our clients from the media and entertainment industries are one of the strongest contenders in their niche and have been in this industry way before the beginning of the digital revolution.

    A lot of the competitors from the entertainment and media industry had already partnered with digital marketing agencies, equipped themselves with advanced digital media marketing tools to gain a substantial advantage.

    The Expert Community assisted our clients with suitable entertainment marketing solutions to adapt to these changes swiftly and forge ahead of their new age competitors in the market.

    The Challenges

    A key challenge faced by our clients was the fact that they were unable to distribute their content and track how their customers interacted across their various channels.

    Our clients from the media and entertainment industry required an efficient method to collect and manage large amounts of data at a single stop that is UI friendly and convert it into accurate forecasts. Updating their ancient and time-consuming business models with a fast and efficient solution for sales performance data.

    The Solution

    A professional solutions suite aimed at providing unique insights into customer history, assisting them to find the best solutions for their needs and browse through their customer’s stats, bios, contact details, purchase history, as well as watch and log their progress with the help of heat mapping and software like Hotjar to gain deep insights about customers interactions with our clients from media and entertainment industry.

    The media content suite was designed to help entertainment and media companies provide specific and accurate analytics with numerous visualization features in their custom dashboard.

    The suite was integrated with the Beacons, using the distributed network of Bluetooth low-energy devices our clients could communicate with the customers via indoor navigation and check-ins. Promotion of their marketing content, special deals can be easily pushed using this technology which benefits the engagement and revenue.

    The Expert Community Inc. crafted a tailored fit solution that helped our clients to automate their old systems and decrease the timeline synchronized to them. Sales lead management and a fully automated query ticket management were added functionalities in the solution.

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