Online Learning Platform For Education Industry

    Online Learning Platform For Education Industry

    The education industry is changing the way other industries are transforming. The digitalization of this sector, i.e., an online learning platform, is touching the sky in terms of expansion and also adopting innovative strategies to accumulate advantages. Such evolution is bringing effective ways for students to achieve their career goals.

    Meet our client, among the top 10 private colleges in Ontario, Canada. The client’s college offers diploma courses in healthcare, business, accounting, and the IT sector. Looking after the evolution and high competition, our client decided to reach out to us. 

    We, the Expert Community, analyzed and discussed the concern and offered them an end-to-end digital marketing solution, which includes the revamping of a website, content marketing, SEO, and most importantly, an online learning system.

    The Challenge

    The client lacked an effective way of managing their website content to enhance the user experience of visitors. They required a cohesive CRM strategy and implementation to unify their student data. They wanted to capture the fast-paced online education market by introducing an online learning platform.


    We at The Expert Community, assisted our client by providing a custom-made solution framework via Teamsite CMS to easily roll out new sites. Moreover, we redesigned user-friendly website along with strategized industry-specific keywords in content of the website and implemented proven search engine optimization tactics to build online presence and rank on SERP.

    Not only this, our professional digital marketers and web designers and developers planted a  custom CRM solution with granular control, automated feed process, unified data, event management and other executive features.

    We ensured our client by delivering the highest quality for the platform by performing functional testing (on the web elements used in teaching the concepts), system, integration, performance, security, and accessibility testing while adhering to strict release timelines and complying to student security and privacy standards.

    This is how we marketed our client’s online learning platform…

    Best education marketing strategies in 2021 incorporated by Canadian colleges and universities were audited and evaluated by the TEC before designing for our client from the education sector.

    1. Professional website with a customizable dashboard and custom content management system.
    2. Online Learning Platform to capture the rapidly changing intuitive market.
    3. ORM or online reputation management to gain control over negative and false reviews
    4. Cohesive CRM solution and unified database for intuitive reporting and re-targeting.
    5. Custom Structure and Theme for all social media channels
    6. Paid ad sets on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook to create brand awareness
    7. PPC advertisement for lead generation via Google.
    8. Professional videos for YouTube marketing, website integration and snippets for IGTV’s.

    Also, we applied proven branding strategies for the online learning platform to flourish and becomes a popular private college.

    Results: A Flourishing Learning Ecosystem

    After launching the online learning platform for our client’s college, they yielded amazing results that impacted students, college, and educators positively. Here’s what the client achieved…

    Increased Accessibility and Flexibility: Students gained access to high-quality educational resources anytime, anywhere. This flexibility catered to diverse learning styles and schedules, promoting inclusivity and lifelong learning.

    Enhanced Engagement and Retention: Interactive learning modules, multimedia content, and gamification elements kept students engaged and motivated. This led to improved knowledge retention and deeper understanding of concepts.

    Personalized Learning Paths: The platform facilitated personalized learning by tailoring content and assessments to individual needs and learning paces.

    Improved Learning Outcomes: Data-driven insights from the platform enabled educators to track student progress and adjust their teaching strategies accordingly. This resulted in improved academic performance and higher graduation rates.

    Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency: By leveraging online resources, the client benefited with minimized printing costs associated with traditional course materials. The platform also helped streamline administrative tasks and optimized resource allocation, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

    Global Collaboration Opportunities: The platform facilitated collaboration and knowledge exchange between students and educators across geographical boundaries.

    In conclusion, our client was really happy with the transformation of the website and hoped for the best days are yet to come. The results were astonishing that helped them achieve their success goals. Therefore, if you are similar to our client and struggling to find the stable place in this digital world, we happily welcome you to join us and together let’s brew success that never fades!

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