How Do I Choose A Digital Marketing Agency In Canada

    How Do I Choose A Digital Marketing Agency In Canada

    After the Covid-19 pandemic, it is an absolute necessity to find an authentic digital marketing agency in Canada. A professional firm can truly understand your requirements and assist with a tailored solution. Online businesses that have partnered with a professional SEO agency or digital marketing agency are dominating the current market.

    A digital marketing agency can assist you in developing a professional website, SEO, SEM, email marketing, content marketing, online advertising and more. But the most confusing and important question is, how do you find the right SEO agency in Canada to help you with your marketing needs?

    5 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency In Canada

    Choosing the right digital marketing agency in Canada can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to consider several factors before making a decision. Here are five key factors to keep in mind:

    1. Goals and Budget

    Before diving into agencies, solidify your marketing goals (brand awareness, lead generation, etc.) and set a realistic budget. This will guide your search and agency discussions.

    2. Experience & Expertise

    This is one of the most important factors while choosing a digital marketing agency in Canada as it separates new startups from others.

    The client should inquire about how long the agency has been in business and what digital marketing experience they have. The client can be very specific and find out if the SEO agency can help them with their unique business model or not. They could be the best digital agency in Canada for promoting restaurants but what about fashion retail stores or the pharmaceutical industry?

    3. Work Strategy

    Every SEO firm in Canada explains its tactics and workflow to its clients for better trust and results. It is very important to bring all the members of the firm to bring to the same site page to save resources and manage time. These crucial yet small strategies should be analyzed and expected from the agency approached.

    4. Services Offered

    There are distinctive areas in a business that requires a professional touch. The most important task of any digital marketing agency in Canada is to build a high-traffic website that caters to the interest of the client. Any SEO agency in Canada must have relevant experience and tools to achieve desired results in a specific time.

    Identify what other fields they specialize in, such as social media, email campaigns, pay per click, and more.

    5. Case Studies

    Agencies or SEO firms generally showcase their case studies on their website which can be used by the clients to make a better and informed decision. These case studies can also be used to set goals and check the credibility of the agency.

    After careful evaluation, choose the agency that best aligns with your goals, budget, and company culture. Don’t be afraid to negotiate contracts to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

    How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Canada?

    The average cost for digital marketing services in Canada in 2024 ranges from $500 to $5000 per month for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs). But you need to keep in mind how much marketing budget have you set aside and how much can you spend on consultant firms.

    Look around for various digital marketing agencies in Canada and find the company that best suits your budget and what services you need in internet marketing.

    However, one must not forget that cheap doesn’t always mean good as low-cost SEO agencies in Canada may not have the experience or the skills necessary to get you the results your company desires to achieve.

    Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency In Canada?

    Are you in need of a digital marketing agency in Canada? If so, allow The Expert Community to help you. We are committed to helping organizations across the private, public, and social sectors to create SOLUTIONS THAT LASTS. We partner with our clients to transform their organizations in the ways that matter most to them offering a wide range of services and cater to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

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    Online Learning Platform For Education Industry

    Online Learning Platform For Education Industry

    The education industry is changing the way other industries are transforming. The digitalization of this sector, i.e., an online learning platform, is touching the sky in terms of expansion and also adopting innovative strategies to accumulate advantages. Such evolution is bringing effective ways for students to achieve their career goals.

    Meet our client, among the top 10 private colleges in Ontario, Canada. The client’s college offers diploma courses in healthcare, business, accounting, and the IT sector. Looking after the evolution and high competition, our client decided to reach out to us. 

    We, the Expert Community, analyzed and discussed the concern and offered them an end-to-end digital marketing solution, which includes the revamping of a website, content marketing, SEO, and most importantly, an online learning system.

    The Challenge

    The client lacked an effective way of managing their website content to enhance the user experience of visitors. They required a cohesive CRM strategy and implementation to unify their student data. They wanted to capture the fast-paced online education market by introducing an online learning platform.


    We at The Expert Community, assisted our client by providing a custom-made solution framework via Teamsite CMS to easily roll out new sites. Moreover, we redesigned user-friendly website along with strategized industry-specific keywords in content of the website and implemented proven search engine optimization tactics to build online presence and rank on SERP.

    Not only this, our professional digital marketers and web designers and developers planted a  custom CRM solution with granular control, automated feed process, unified data, event management and other executive features.

    We ensured our client by delivering the highest quality for the platform by performing functional testing (on the web elements used in teaching the concepts), system, integration, performance, security, and accessibility testing while adhering to strict release timelines and complying to student security and privacy standards.

    This is how we marketed our client’s online learning platform…

    Best education marketing strategies in 2021 incorporated by Canadian colleges and universities were audited and evaluated by the TEC before designing for our client from the education sector.

    1. Professional website with a customizable dashboard and custom content management system.
    2. Online Learning Platform to capture the rapidly changing intuitive market.
    3. ORM or online reputation management to gain control over negative and false reviews
    4. Cohesive CRM solution and unified database for intuitive reporting and re-targeting.
    5. Custom Structure and Theme for all social media channels
    6. Paid ad sets on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook to create brand awareness
    7. PPC advertisement for lead generation via Google.
    8. Professional videos for YouTube marketing, website integration and snippets for IGTV’s.

    Also, we applied proven branding strategies for the online learning platform to flourish and becomes a popular private college.

    Results: A Flourishing Learning Ecosystem

    After launching the online learning platform for our client’s college, they yielded amazing results that impacted students, college, and educators positively. Here’s what the client achieved…

    Increased Accessibility and Flexibility: Students gained access to high-quality educational resources anytime, anywhere. This flexibility catered to diverse learning styles and schedules, promoting inclusivity and lifelong learning.

    Enhanced Engagement and Retention: Interactive learning modules, multimedia content, and gamification elements kept students engaged and motivated. This led to improved knowledge retention and deeper understanding of concepts.

    Personalized Learning Paths: The platform facilitated personalized learning by tailoring content and assessments to individual needs and learning paces.

    Improved Learning Outcomes: Data-driven insights from the platform enabled educators to track student progress and adjust their teaching strategies accordingly. This resulted in improved academic performance and higher graduation rates.

    Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency: By leveraging online resources, the client benefited with minimized printing costs associated with traditional course materials. The platform also helped streamline administrative tasks and optimized resource allocation, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

    Global Collaboration Opportunities: The platform facilitated collaboration and knowledge exchange between students and educators across geographical boundaries.

    In conclusion, our client was really happy with the transformation of the website and hoped for the best days are yet to come. The results were astonishing that helped them achieve their success goals. Therefore, if you are similar to our client and struggling to find the stable place in this digital world, we happily welcome you to join us and together let’s brew success that never fades!

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    Evolving Fashion Industry With Augmented Reality & AI/ML

    Evolving Fashion Industry With Augmented Reality & AI/ML

    In the 21st century, technology-driven innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning in the fashion industry are changing every aspect of this forward-looking business domain. Fashion brands, emerging designers and industry professionals can use the digital hub to interact with buyers, media, influencers and consumers from anywhere in the world through an engaging, multi-channel experience that includes chats, video conferences, bots, holograms and completely virtual spaces.

    The use of AI in the fashion industry has become so well entrenched that 44% of the fashion retailers who have not adopted AI are today facing bankruptcy. Supported by the easy availability of big data, customer personalization, and other services in fashion companies are simply no longer feasible without the use of AI in fashion.



    According to TEC, the leading 20% of the global fashion brands are generating 144% of the industry profits. Driven by this necessity, fashion brands are investing in AI and ML technologies to remain relevant in a highly competitive marketplace. 

    Accelerating Innovation and Growth

    If you aren’t using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate with your customers, your company is already falling behind. The ever-increasing scale and granularity of personalization in online fashion retail are impossible to manage without the assistance of AI and related automated processes. Here are some of the ways in which these technologies are making an impact:

    AI- Enhanced Apparel Designing

    With more sophisticated data collection, we can help fashion brands to adopt technology to understand customer needs and design better apparel. TEC can power your company using AI-powered fashion designing that is based on the customer’s preferred colours, textures, and other style preferences.

    AI-Powered Visual Recognition

    Visual recognition is most often used on the detail pages of online stores, ensuring that customers will always find the right product. With Visual recognition we can assist online fashion retailers by providing a solution that recommends appropriate tags when adding new products to the store, saving time. Visual similarity can also be used with past products to help to purchase departments better understand the volume needed, minimizing overstock.

    Artificial Intelligence for Clothing and Apparel: Visual Recognition

    AI -Induced Trend Prediction & Manufacturing

    TEC can help Fashion brands using AI and ML tools to identify fast-changing fashion trends and supply the latest fashion accessories to retail shelves faster than the “traditional” fashion retailer.

    AI apparel and AI clothing styles: AI could be utilized to predict the next trend in fashion through monitoring social media and other data sources, learning from similar past behaviour and its results. AI-based approaches for demand projection, however, can reduce forecasting error by as much as 50%. 

    AI systems are being used to spot defects in fabric and ensure that the colours of the finished textile match with the originally designed colours. AI technologies such as computer vision technologies are allowing quality assurance processes to be more streamlined. 

    AR & VR Powered Virtual Merchandising

    AI-enabled technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are now closing the gap between online and in-store shopping experiences. TEC can help develop in-store AR that allows shoppers to access any merchandise through intelligent mirrors, smart Bluetooth tags and digital media. Using VR technology we can assist fashion brands to create a virtual image of their pop-up retail store.

    AR Fitting Room Features

    AI Automation= Lesser Operational Costs

    TEC with its expertise in AI and ML technologies can enable fashion houses to automate repetitive or mundane tasks usually performed by human agents. Tasks like data entry and customer support can be handled now by AI, thus freeing human agents to focus on more strategic activities. 

    Return of sold items is a major bane for the entire fashion industry and can increase operational costs. AI-enabled personalization and product information, customers are more informed and are less likely to buy the wrong clothing item. This, in turn, does reduce returned products and also improves customer satisfaction.

    Adopting a data-driven approach is the way to go in this modern age. TEC harnesses AI and big data to make more accurate predictions. We help inform brands through product personalization and solutions in AI and machine learning technologies. AI isn’t a magic formula that can eliminate every pain point at the snap of a finger. For it to be truly effective, retailers and vendors should begin entering as much data into their systems as early as possible, and start immediately. Get Your Quote Now.

    The Digital Revolution Of Media and Entertainment Marketing

    The Digital Revolution Of Media and Entertainment Marketing

    Amidst the digital revolution, a lot of industries have been affected around the world. The media and entertainment industry is the most affected and has transformed exponentially with new-age entertainment and media marketing.

    Our clients from the media and entertainment industries are one of the strongest contenders in their niche and have been in this industry way before the beginning of the digital revolution.

    A lot of the competitors from the entertainment and media industry had already partnered with digital marketing agencies, equipped themselves with advanced digital media marketing tools to gain a substantial advantage.

    The Expert Community assisted our clients with suitable entertainment marketing solutions to adapt to these changes swiftly and forge ahead of their new age competitors in the market.

    The Challenges

    A key challenge faced by our clients was the fact that they were unable to distribute their content and track how their customers interacted across their various channels.

    Our clients from the media and entertainment industry required an efficient method to collect and manage large amounts of data at a single stop that is UI friendly and convert it into accurate forecasts. Updating their ancient and time-consuming business models with a fast and efficient solution for sales performance data.

    The Solution

    A professional solutions suite aimed at providing unique insights into customer history, assisting them to find the best solutions for their needs and browse through their customer’s stats, bios, contact details, purchase history, as well as watch and log their progress with the help of heat mapping and software like Hotjar to gain deep insights about customers interactions with our clients from media and entertainment industry.

    The media content suite was designed to help entertainment and media companies provide specific and accurate analytics with numerous visualization features in their custom dashboard.

    The suite was integrated with the Beacons, using the distributed network of Bluetooth low-energy devices our clients could communicate with the customers via indoor navigation and check-ins. Promotion of their marketing content, special deals can be easily pushed using this technology which benefits the engagement and revenue.

    The Expert Community Inc. crafted a tailored fit solution that helped our clients to automate their old systems and decrease the timeline synchronized to them. Sales lead management and a fully automated query ticket management were added functionalities in the solution.

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    Unleashing the Future of Real Estate Industry with Digital Expansion

    Unleashing the Future of Real Estate Industry with Digital Expansion

    In today’s fiercely competitive world, there is a lot of new-age ways to market and upscale real estate business.  Even the pioneers from the real estate sector are looking for ways to expand into the digital market and reach their full potential.

    Our real estate industry clients were focused to achieve more, step up their siloed processes, and hence partnered with The Expert Community.

    The Expert Community offered them the power of data and technology, upgraded business models, and assisted them in offering a better customer and tenant experience.


    Our clients from real estate sector lacked seamless customer experience, a website with professional and analytical capabilities. Also, inadequate marketing and data management solutions hampered service delivery. Their decision-making was severely slow and affected due to reliance on manual processes, limited reporting, and fragmented business flows.

    Solutions For Real Estate Sector

    The Expert Community offered these real estate firms extensive  and deep tenant knowledge that assisted them in acquiring new space and development.

    We helped them make suitable investment decisions by using advanced analytics and detailed knowledge of tenants. It is very necessary to understand shifts in tenant needs, have extensive expertise with macro-and micro market trends in the real estate sector, and use the full power of traditional and nontraditional data to allow us to provide careful diligence in acquisitions and dispositions.

    Professional websites with Virtual Reality and 3D were optimized to deliver a better view and experience of the property. 3D scans of the property were stitched together using tools like 3D Matterport that give an accurate description from the comfort of the consumer’s laptop.

    Customized CRM solutions tailored to the real estate sector were integrated into the website and other channels to boost the client’s lead cycle and deliver the best user experience.

    Diverse Ad campaigns across several competitive online mediums were set up to gain insights into customer behavior and analyze buying patterns. E-mail marketing campaigns were further fused with the audiences created.

    Advanced analytics and data science are fused and incorporated to help these clients from the real estate sector make informed decisions based on traditional and online data collection.

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